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Promoting Southern Africa Philately
In January 2014 Otto Peetoom developed a philatelic website for the South Africa Collectors’ Society which includes much information connected to Southern Africa Philately and in January 2015 another website went live for Basutoland, Stellaland, Bechuanaland, Botswana and Swaziland.

The aim of our promotion is create a Global impact on the Philately of Southern Africa, to create an awareness of the Annual Southern Africa Conference held in November each year.

We launched a new journal in September 2015 and the 10th edition was posted in mid-September 2018. A wide range of subjects are covered that reflects Pre-Union, Union and RSA, Basutoland, Bechuanaland (Includes Stellaland and Botswana), SWA (Including GSWA & Namibia) and Swaziland. The Rhodesias from 1890 to date plus Nyasaland.

The publishing schedule for 2019 is
mid-January, mid-May and mid-September.

Otto has been promoting the foregoing since 1993 with his own publication The Rhodesian Philatelist.

The future of Southern Africa Philately depends on each and every organization creating an awareness of each other. Everyone is getting older and as some of the individuals retire from their roles there is no-one to replace them.


Southern Africa Philately

Promotes the Philately of Southern Africa on Six Websites

Promotion on the Internet Reaches a World Wide Audience

Southern Africa Philately
Promotes the Annual Southern Africa Conference

Southern Africa Philately
Promotes the above concepts by means of an Independent Journal

Southern Africa Philately
Promotes all Organisations with an interest in the
Philately of South and Central Africa

The Stamp Trade Supports
Southern Africa Philately

A Combined Effort has a Future

Remaining Alone has its Limitations

What are You or other Organizations doing to support
Southern Africa Philately?


Southern Africa Philately - Issues No's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10

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Websites and Organizations that currently promote Southern Africa Philately

Southern Africa Philately

Southern Africa Philately
Editor - Otto Peetoom


Anglo-Boer War Philatelic Society

The Anglo-Boer War Philatelist
Editor - Alan Harley


Bechuanalands & Botswana Society

The Runner Post
Editor - Otto Peetoom


Cape and Natal Study Circle

Cape & Natal Philatelic Journal
Editor - Simon Solomon


The GB Overprints Society

The Overprinter
Editor - Dr John Gledhill


Orange Free State Study Circle

Orange Free State Bulletin
Editor - Kevin Price


The Rhodesian Philatelist

The Rhodesian Philatelist
Editor - Otto Peetoom


RSA Stamp Study Group



Rhodesian Study Circle

Rhodesian Study Circle Journal
Editor - Sean Burke


Philatelic Federation of South Africa

The South African Philatelist
Editor - Jan Botes


Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa

Editor - Peter Thy


Filatelisten Vereeniging Zuidelijk Afrika

Bartholomeu Dias
Published 4 times per year

Vice-President Johan Diesveld


South African Collectors’ Society

The Springbok
Editor - Roy Ross


South West Africa
Stamp Study Group

Newsletters complied by
Dr H.U. Bantz


Transvaal Study Circle

The Transvaal Philatelist
Editor - Andrew Higson


Postmark and Postal History of
Southern Africa

Awaiting further details

Secretary: Mrs Marge Viljoen,
President: Ben Jansen

South African Stamp Study Circle

Awaiting further details

Secretary Keith Perrow

Aerophilatelic Society

Based in South Africa
Defunct at present

Neville Polakow


Filatelisten Vereeniging Zuidelijk Afrika

The Society was founded 27 years ago and its members are mainly from Holland and Belgium

The FVZA meets four times a year in Tiel
(Approx 65 kms from Schipol Airport)

Next meetings
12 May, 1 September, 24 November 2018

These meetings usually attract 30 to 35 members who gather, discuss, exchange infomation about stamps and covers

An auction is held with around 100 to 200 lots

The Society publishes a Journal entitled Bartholomeu Dias
Consists of around 24 pages - four times a year and includes the auction lot descriptions

The FVZA also has an exchange packet system


Municipality in Netherlands
Province: Gelderland

Tiel is a municipality and a town in the middle of the Netherlands.
The town is enclosed by the Waal river and the Linge river on the south and the north side, and the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal on the east side


Tiel to the left of Arnhem & Nijmegen (SE corner of map)
Southern Africa Philately

A Collect Southern Africa theme has been developed on the South African Collectors' Society website
Follow the link

Another website that promotes Southern African Philately includes

Northern Rhodesia Postage Dues AND Southern Rhodesia KGV AND
Victoria Falls

Another website that promotes Southern African Philately is also worth a look at and includes

Collect Basutoland - Collect Bechuanaland - Collect Swaziland